Search Engine Optimisation

Drive Traffic through the Best Keyword Ranking Strategies

Conduct a detailed SEO audit which includes keyword research and competitor analysis – we know exactly what buttons to push to boost your site ranking


At this stage, we carefully adjust the text on your website to reflect the target keywords we identified earlier. Once we have outlined a proper on-site content implementation strategy, we will proceed to edit your website code which may include improved canonicalization, meta information and internal links. This will allow your responsive website to rank higher.As your site climbs higher in rankings, we continue to provide regular progress reports and reviews to make sure our SEO practices are 100% aligned with your business goals.

On-site Optimisation

Initial SEO Audit

We study your business at length, particularly your website and competitors. This provides us with clear objectives and documentation which are used throughout the SEO process. For instance, we will sit down with you to identify all your business goals in order to faithfully complete the SEO audit process. This is where we identify target keywords based off your key business goals. We also take UI design and navigation into account and provide suggestions for boosting performance of your eCommerce website. We will create a SEO performance baseline through onsite/offsite ranking factors and analytics to identify areas of opportunity while minimising risk.

Strategy Building

Our on-site strategy is all about having a solid, actionable plan through which we can introduce key changes to your website content and code so that it can be optimised to rank higher on search engines. Our off-site strategy focuses on targeting influencers and potential partners to compliment PR efforts and encourage link-building. You have probably thought many times about how to build a website and responsive web design for best SEO optimisation – the answer lies in a complete content creation schedule for social media, outreach campaigns, website and press releases. Throughout the process, we will document all short and long-term goals so that overall campaign success can be evaluated.

Content Marketing

One of the most crucial aspects of good SEO optimisation is regular, quality content. Our digital public relations team will spread information about your business through press releases as well as news, including commonly used industry channels to expose your website content and earn link-backs to your site. We will also work hard to bring potential partners on your side by having your content published on their sites, with the goal of including links going back to your site. Finally, we will do everything necessary to encourage your target audiences to discuss, like and share all your business content.