eCommerce Website Design

Intuititive and Customer-friendly eCommerce Website Design

We raise the online customer experience bar by providing eCommerce website design that exceed customer expectations and boost ROIs across the board


Clearly Defined Purpose on Every Page
It all starts from your Home Page – it should instantly invite and entice visitors to click on the various categories which will eventually take them to a landing page. From thereon, your main product page should address all doubts and concerns visitors may have, as you give them key selling points. The final process in the purchase funnel, the checkout page, should be simple and have built-in features such as a follow up email to ensure shoppers that their purchase was successful. We keep every element of the user journey in mind, from the initial visit to the final purchase, while designing your eCommerce website.

Easy-to-find Contact Information
We find ways to make it really easy for customers to contact you. If this contact information is not laid out in a clear and easy-to-find manner, you will be losing many potential sales. Apart from your regular contact information such as contact number, email and location, we will work on a detailed FAQ, comments and reviews section, including user-generated testimonials to highlight the key strengths of your brand, product and/or service.

Hassle-free Checkout
We will design a checkout process that makes it absolutely effortless for users to make transactions. A complicated and cluttered checkout page will turn people off and may cause them to change their mind at the last minute. In addition to a simple checkout page, we ensure that all extra costs and shipping rates are clearly laid out. We will also display the right badges on your checkout page, such as the McAfee badge, to let customers know that they can buy from you in a completely safe and secure eCommerce platform.

Key Attributes of a Successful eCommerce website design


We understand how important it is not to overwhelm users. We keep your website structure clutter-free through dropdown menus where appropriate and breadcrumb navigation throughout.

Brand Recognition

We use consistent branding across your web pages through unique styles, layouts and colours to let everyone know what it is you are selling and how it can help them.

Compelling CTAs

We know exactly where to place the right call-to-action tabs so that you never lose your users’ focus and interest.