The 5 Tips of Content Marketing in SEO

Content marketing is a significant part of SEO. It involves creating and sharing online materials such as videos, social media posts and blogs to stimulate the viewer’s interest. Based on statistics, content marketing for SEO gets 3x more leads than paid searches (Source: QuoraCreative). This is why content marketing can attract more traffic and online business.

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Learn how you can improve your content marketing strategy with these 5 simple steps!


1.Focus on keywords

Content creation greatly depends on keyword optimization. Without comprehensive keyword research, you will fail to create SEO friendly content for your website. Research and inject targeted keywords in descriptions, titles, headings and other areas on a website to elevate the chances of ranking high on SERP.

Remember: you should not stuff your content with keywords, instead use them organically. This means that you should design your content around two to three main keywords that appear naturally within the content.

Choose long-tail keywords and key phrases for which the website should rank. For example, if you own an online e-Commerce store for gardening tools then your content organisation should include relevant keywords such as “buy gardening tools” or “gardening equipment”.

The 5 Tips of Content Marketing in SEO

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2.Create Valuable Content

Keywords help you get viewers to your website but to retain users you need to provide valuable content. 3 out of 4 SEO experts acknowledge high-quality content is the most important part of an SEO friendly website. (Source: QuoraCreative) So, create content that offers value to the viewers and make them keep coming back.Recurring visitors will significantly improve search engine performance because: According to research, increasing customer retention by 5% will increase profits from 25% to 95%. (Source: Tech Affinity)

Hence, to get recurring visitors, produce real and engaging content for your target audience. Make sure your content is useful, informative and entertaining. For example, if your website is about parental control apps, then your content should convince parents why they need your app and how it is going to improve the quality of their life.

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Once the visitors feel that your product or service will add value to their life, it will attract them to purchase it. In this way with recurring visitors, you will get more traffic to improve SEO performance.


3.Add more quality backlinks

Adding high-quality backlinks to your website is a great marketing tool. A backlink is a link which points to a web page on your website. Backlink is used to be a vital ranking factor for search engines. This is because back linking adds quality, authority and trustworthiness to a website.

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You can promote your blog on a website or offer guest blogging for another website to add backlinks. By leveraging publications and writing content for them, get redirects to your website. Following such practices will get you many high-quality backlinks which will improve your SERP ranking.


4.Produce consistent and optimal amount of content

The goal of content marketing is to turn website visitors into consumers. According to statistics users only stay on a website for 15 seconds (Source: The Daily Egg). If you are not retaining your visitors then you will not increase your customers. Therefore, the length of content matters.

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Creating the right amount of content for search engine optimization is important because it keeps your audience engaged and updated. This is because visitors will stay longer on your website if the content is lengthy and engaging. If people visit your website and leave it in a few seconds then it gives search engines a bad sign and affects your ranking.

A survey conducted revealed that blog posts between 1000 to 2000 words get 56.1% most shares compared to that under 1000 words (Source: Outbound Engine). This also proves that the length of the content improves engagement and online promotion.

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5.Evaluate and monitor with data

It is a misconception that content marketing is only about publishing blogs. A smart content marketer knows that content creation goes well beyond writing blog posts. Content includes videos, infographics, images and anything that attracts the viewers. However, producing different types of content only works if you measure the results and efforts.

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Evaluate the performance of your content using analytical data because the figures will give you a real picture of how your content marketing efforts are paying off. Use different data analysis tools, like Google analytics, to assess  website traffic and the performance of SEO factors.

It is important for SEO to improve content marketing strategies. Produce original, unique and high-quality content to achieve a high SERP ranking. The five steps mentioned in this article will attract and engage more audiences and improve ROI. Best of Luck!


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=> Keyword research determines your target audience, what they want and how you can grab their attention.



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