If there is anything that the Pandemic has taught us, it is that nothing lasts forever. The same goes for businesses. In 2021, many businesses are trying to recover the losses they faced due to covid-19. It is crucial to stay updated with the current digital trends and perform best practices to retain customers and their trust.

One of the most influential and alluring aspects of digital marketing is Google’s value proposition. Online businesses rely heavily on digital marketing and SEO, and that’s why Google’s key value proposition is something you shouldn’t miss out.

Today we will answer advertisers’ top query:

“What is the key value proposition of Google Search Campaigns?”

 Note: This question is a part of the Google Ads Search Certification Knowledge Check Assessment and the Check your knowledge exam of Explore the Value of Google Search lesson. 

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What Is a Value Proposition?

A Value proposition Is an innovator and unique feature that add value to your product/service to make your clients happy. It refers to a promise regarding the quality and value you provide as a brand.

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What Is a Search Campaign?

Search campaign for search advertising is a form of online advertisement that allows you to place ads on web pages and published content. It is an essential element of online marketing. With the help of search, campaigns you can play relevant in search results to reach the people actively looking for your products and services.

What Are Google Search Campaigns?

Google search campaign is online marketing through Google ads in Google search results. It is one of the most effective forms of online advertisement because of its immense popularity. Google attracts 92.6% of all search queries throughout the internet – dominating the search engine market worldwide (Source: Oberlo).

Google search campaigns make your brand appear in SERPs when users insert a search query relevant to your product or services. In simple words, Google search campaigns Allow you to display ads related to your brand, products, or services across the Google search network.

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Google Search Campaign Value Propositions

So, what are Google’s value propositions? The answer to this question in Google Ads Search Certification Knowledge Check Assessment and the Check your knowledge exam of Explore the Value of Google Search lesson was as follows:

Note: The correct answer is in green color.
A. Appear as a text ad, a video ad, or a banner ad on one of Google’s partner sites
B. Influence organic results
C. Reach people on Google.com that might be interested in your brand, regardless of what they’re searching for
D. Show your ads when a customer is searching for your product or service color.

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Google, being the number one search engine globally, has always strived to create the best experience for users, whether it’s advertising, searching the internet, or using the internet operating system. 

Here are some of the value propositions Google offers to its clients all over the world:

Google Search – Google is primarily a search engine, and one of its most prominent propositions is its search feature and has over 4 billion users!

Google Mail – Gmail or Google mail is another commonplace feature by Google which serves as a secure medium for email exchange.

Google Voice – Google Voice offers hands-free operations to add ease to everyday life. This digital telephone service links all your contacts into a single phone number.

Google Sites – Google sites allow you to create different websites for free give you access to multiple premade Customizable templates.

Google Advertisements – Google ad is Google’s key value proposition and offers an array of avenues to digital marketers:

    • AdWords

    These are displayed in SERPs on Google when users type the query into the search engine.

    • AdSense

    Users display their ads on websites and receive a part of the PPC revenue that Google generates every time a user clicks on the ad.

    • YouTube

    Google acquired YouTube in 2006, and since then, it has become a major advertising platform.

In summary, the key value proposition of Google is that it displays your Ads when users insert a query in the search engine relating to your service or brand.

Benefits Of Google Ad Campaigns

  1. High-quality Traffic Leads – Google search ads increase brand awareness and promote your business when it appears on SERPs. Thus, increasing traffic that results in leads.
  2. Complements your Site’s Organic Traffic – You cannot solely rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for organic traffic. This is where search result ads prove helpful and get organic traffic to your landing pages.
  3. Short Sales Cycle – If the business runs on a short sales cycle, a Google search campaign is the best solution. You would not need to remarket your brand or service with continuous advertisements.
  4. Promoting Urgent Products/Services – Google search campaigns are very effective for promoting emergency services such as plumbing, medical aid, etc. As most people do not have the time to read through articles and blogs in an urgent situation, ads offer a quicker solution.
  5. Works for Small and Medium Businesses – Google search ads work for all businesses – no matter how big or small the brand is, entrepreneurs and startups can easily run Google ads campaigns compared to marketing through traditional channels.
  6. Cost-effective – When it comes to Google search campaigns, the size of the digital marketing budget does not matter as they are very cost-effective. You only have to pay when you receive a click on your ad. even if users call your ad, and if not click on it, you will not have to pay a single penny. This is a great way to get free branding!



If you want to boost your online business, a Google ads campaign should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Benefit from the key value propositions of Google and put the search result ads to use. It is truly worth the attention of every online business and digital marketer in 2021!


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