Build A Massive Online Marketplace To Make Shopping Easier

We will help you build an eCommerce marketplace and UI design that attracts customers by the dozens


Over the past few years, online platforms for shopping have really exploded. Consumers enjoy shopping at an eCommerce platform because they get real-time information on products and the assortment is a lot wider than any store could possibly offer. If you have ever wondered how to build an online marketplace that facilitates your shoppers in real time, catering to all their needs and desires, look no further than us. The online platforms we build to facilitate online shopping take unique business factors into accounts such as size, niche and marketplace type. However, the underlying mechanisms largely remain the same which are:

Key Features of a Robust eCommerce Marketplace

Security and Authorization

We take user data protection very seriously and ensure they are able to enter their personal details in a secure manner.

Vendor Registration

We give vendors full access and functionality to your marketplace so that they can list their items properly – e.g. according to minimal or fixed price.

User Profile Management

This applies more to sellers rather than buyers as the former need to have their information clearly presented and in a way that is easily manageable by publishers.

Order Process

Through our order processing system, multiple viewers and publishers have an online platform where they can easily collaborate.

Listing Management

We enable sellers to easily publish and manage their respective items. For visitors, we provide the ability to look up detailed information on products using advanced search filters.

Content Browsing

Smooth UI design and navigation ensures that your customers quickly find what they are looking for. Our approach is all about comfort and ease-of-use.

Payment Options

The best marketplace platforms boast a UI design which allows seamless functionality with payment systems such as credit cards, PayPal, cash etc. We develop online marketplaces that offer multiple payment methods to ensure that all user groups can use them in a convenient way.

Rating and Review System

Our review/rating system helps publishers, as well as customers, understand current market trends to allow them to build trust amongst themselves. Both sides can see reviews, while customers have the ability to write product reviews and rate listings.

Customer Service

Staying in touch with customers to bolster loyalty is a key concern for any business. Our eCommerce platforms facilitate customer onboarding through partner recruitment, promotions and data visualisation.