The more people navigate away from your website, the more likely they are to never return. Let’s put a stop to this, shall we? Every online marketer is tasked with converting “one time” visitors into long-term customers. So the longer you are able to retain visitors on your website, the faster they will convert and stick with you over the long haul. Here are 7 ways to keep visitors nicely engaged and bring your bounce rate down to zero.

1. Do what the headline says

Your deadline should only contain promises you can keep. In short, the content must, under all circumstances, live up to the hype.

2. Create Content That is 100% “Scannable”

The average visitor will most likely not spend more than 15 seconds on your website. People hardly have the time to read word for word on every page. What stands out though are clever words and phrases that instantly arms them with information.Therefore, you need to ensure readability by using proper line spacing and an adequately sized font, Break paragraphs and keep sentences minimal in one paragraph (three to four), Integrate subheadings cleverly to spark curiosity and even lead visitors to important call-to-actions and everybody loves bulleted points.

3. Each Post Should Conclude with a Call-to-action

Visitors will most likely take action at the end of a post. Placing the CTA this way enables them to linger around just long enough to make purchases.Sometimes, visitors will miss or simply ignore CTAs. Use a slide-in/opt-in animation to grab their attention, such as OptinMonster.

4. Include Helpful Messages on Your Thank You Pages

CTAs should always lead visitors to a Thank You page – this is your chance to highlight other useful but relevant content such as an infographic or future discount plans.

4. Everybody Loves Engaging Videos

We are generally wired to respond better to videos than text. Why not rehash your textual content into professionally presented videos? Rehashing an entire blog into a video can really leave a lasting impression on your visitors and compel them to not only stay longer on your site but become more frequent visitors.

4. Cut Down Page Loading Time (Seriously!)

Fact: visitors are finicky people. And why shouldn’t they be? Even a one-second delay might be enough to turn them off. Take this seriously now because if you don’t, you are flushing money down the drain.Important steps you can take to cut down page loading times are compress your images, use a CDN; a content delivery network caches files on your sites and provides visitors with content from a server closest to their location.This blog should give you valuable insights into how visitors can be retained much longer on your website. Perform your due diligence and you will see your visitors convert into customers in no time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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