Have you ever wondering how social media marketing will impact your business in the future? Social media are constantly being introduced, changing and evolving. Social media user demographics, trend, memes, a new algorithm, and usage habit continuous updates. In order to help marketers stay on the top of these changes, here’re 5 top Instagram marketing strategy that brought you a few trends to expect in the future.

1.Promote your brand voice by Instagram advertising campaign

For Instagram marketing, hashtag is an important feature of Instagram strategy, this is not a new trend, but it’s one that is here to stay. Brand collaborations with an influencer, combined with hashtag to increase your Instagram growth. Therefore, influencer content is considered more authentic than brand content, it is considered to be an important Instagram marketing tips.

2. Generate revenue through Instagram shopping

In 2018, Instagram launched Shoppable Posts function which allows Instagrammers tap to view product information and purchase through the platform.This feature had made IG‘s shopping process even more seamless. This function is continued to grow and has brought Instagram advertising to a whole new level.

3. Use Instagram Stories Ads to increase your Instagram engagement

Instagram has numerous ads such as feed ads, stories ads, video ads, carousel ads, and even Instagram collection ads. According to Instagram own statistic, about 400 million users view Stories every day and one-third of the most-viewed Stories are from brands.

With Instagram stories ads, advertisers can share more than one message relevant to product and promotion when users are viewing the ads. User can easily interact with advertiser by leaving the comment. From there, advertiser could effectively grouping their target audiences through the style of content they created.


In June of 2018, less than two years after launching Stories, Instagram released a brand new function IGTV to offset the defects of Instagram which is only can post a short video before. An IGTV can be up to 60 minutes long, and won’t disappear even after 24 hours.

Brands can use IGTV to publish exclusive content as well as video to answer questions about the product a tutorial that guides consumer on how to use your product more efficiently.

5. Micro-Brands

Micro-brands are small-scale establishments that usually focus on a particular area like specific style clothing or cosmetics for Single-demand. So, it may not necessarily need a lot of followers but need more accurate followers. As compared to other social media networking sites that have less than 0.1% regular engagement, Instagram boasts a whopping 4%, is more suitable for a small-scale to reach their potential customers and show their brand.

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