What is copywriting?

Want to know how to become a creative copywriter? In this article you will get the basic understanding on how to become a freelancer copywriter. Firstly, you need to know about what is copywriting. A copywriter is who paid to write copy, a copywriting service can be categorised into website copywriting, advertising copywriting, social media post, creative copywriting. 

How important is copywriting?

Nowadays, content marketing is an important trend as it cannot be replaced by technology nor artificial intelligence. A lot of copywriter jobs like copywriting service, advertising copywriter, creative copywriter, and freelance copywriter will be in high demand in the future market. 

How to copywrite?

1.Essential copywriting skills

The basic copywriting skills is to master the correct grammar, word choice, and punctuation. Write with proper tone and try to avoid over-stamped or use gorgeous words, as long as you can clearly convey your ideas and achieve your goals. Seo copywriting will appear in a variety of platform, you must customize the most suitable seo copywriting according to different platforms and different purposes.  For example, SEO copywriting is totally different to website copywriting. SEO copywriting must be easy-to-read but website copywriting must be precise and concisely.

2. Research Skills

A good copywriter always needs a plethora of data and market survey to support your proposal.Therefore, you must determine which keywords to strike, and how to get the most out of your results will make that process quicker and easier. Know how to do research is a basic qualification for a copywriter. 

3. Awareness of User Experience

User experience is the way someone interacts with, feels about, and uses your website. Many of us think that a good copywriter must know a basis of SEO, conversion rate optimisation and web design. Those are great skills to have, but we believe that content writer are not necessarily to acquire these skills instead of caring about users’ experience. Once you meet the high quality of user experience, SEO, CRO or UXD will be automatically improved.

Start to be a freelance copywriter

Now, you’ve already learned what is copywriting, how to copywrite, and some basic copywriting skills. After you master those skills, you can begin your journey as a freelance copywriter. You can easily get your first job from freelance website like Freelancer, Upwork, or workana. Getting started with these website is simple, you can create your profile and start applying for freelance copywriting jobs. 

Continually update your skill

Be prepare to upgrade your copywriting skill and constantly refer to master pieces produced by your favourite authors. By doing this,It will also boost your value and more likely to attract those high-budget clients who willing to pay handsomely to get quality pieces.

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