Snuper Design: Revamped and Optimized

Digital marketing

October 23, 2020



Snuper Design’s website was created many years ago.It had only been minimally maintained. The website was severely out of date, so it was not easy for users to navigate and browse.

Moreover, the website was not responsive enough to cater to mobile devices, which is the big issue for most of users to surf the net.

In addition to that, the website also had old information that had not been changed over the years.

The Approach

The first thing we did was to identify the brand’s CIS, so which represents their online identity. The proposal also includes strategies to improve their ranking on search engines.


Snuper Design’s website was truned into a modern look and one that is responsive to various mobile devices’ sizes.

The subsequent strategy is to identify the relevant keywords for the website’s SEO.



Snuper Design’s website is sleek and chic, in line with their image and their customer base. Potential customers will be able to view their latest portfolio on a more modernized website. 

Their new and optimized website also achieved a good ranking on search engine results. 


All Keyword About Luxury house design, keeping on first page of Google for a long time.
Organic Search Traffic is more than 50% of total traffic.

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