Lee Kum Kee: To Become a Friendlier Brand

Digital marketing

October 23, 2020


Lee Kum Kee is a famous sauce brand in many south-east Asian countries, and they have recently expanded their market to even more countries. 

Unfortunately, many of their target audience did not understand their brands due to the difference in language and customs. They also encountered an issue that many competing brands in the untapped markets.

The Approach

First, we need to understand if the audience has any confusion about the brand or any keywords that they had targeted. Then we need to come up with easy-to-understand optimized content that is relevant to the market.


The first thing we did was localized SEO keywords so that the brand can get more traffic with the locals.

The next step was to create SEO-optimized recipe articles, to build trust with consumers, so that they can establish brand identification among the customers.


After the strategies were implemented, the brand’s targeted keywords manage to help their site rank higher on search engines. Traffic and user engagement of the website had also increased.


Google search for the 5 most competitive keywords ranked first. Traffic increased by 814.4%, with 65K monthly visits. Website clicks and user engagement increased by 489.3%

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