Hi-Yes Advertising x Heran: A Quest to Find the Right Customers

Digital marketing

October 23, 2020


Both brands wanted to spend and target their marketing effort on the right customers. They also wanted to highlight the advantage and uniqueness of their property in primary and popular competitive locations.

The Approach

We distinguished channels that are most relevant to the brands so that we can identify and analyse their targeted markets. 


A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included multiple channels such as native ads, PPC, GDN, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and LINE to reach consumers with different search habits for a higher appointment of property agency.


The comprehensive campaign managed to help the brands to decrease their cost per lead within only three months. There were significant increases in website leads, phone inquiries, LBS leads and LINE leads.



12,327 increase in lead generation within 3 months

Breakdown by channel:
538 increase in website lead
1,501 increase in phone inquiry
7,949 increase in LBS leads
2,339 increase in LINE leads.

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