EZPLAY: Reaching to a broader audience

Digital marketing

October 23, 2020



Many companies are doing the mobile phone repair service, which is competitive among the mobile market, especially for the iPhone.

Due to this saturated market, exposure to this brand was difficult in search engines.

The Approach

As we identified the issues that EZPLAY had with its current framework, we decided to bring their extensive network of brick and mortar stores’ advantage into the equation. We also identified a  strategy to enhance their index ranking on search engines.  


With more than 60 branches in Taiwan, we decided to increase the exposure for each of these branches by listing them on Google My Business. Each of these branches’ business information is now readily available on the Internet for all potential customers. 

Mobile-related keywords are also heavily scattered around the official website to influence its ranking on search engines.


All 60 branches of EZPLAY now have a similar amount of exposure. In turn, manages to increase brand awareness with customers and future patrons alike. Generous usage of related keywords in the official website also improves its ranking in search engines.


Total 805 keywords on the google first page
Every month 131,000 organic Search Traffic

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