Is social media marketing enough? No, it isn’t!

We cannot oppose the fact that social media plays an essential role for a business in terms of growth, sales, and building meaningful connections with customers. In fact, 33% of consumers find new brands, products, and services on social networks, according to eMarketer.

But does social media presence cancel out the need of having a website or running digital or email marketing campaigns? NOT AT ALL!

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By now you must be curious to know why social media is not enough? And if not social media platforms, then what other alternatives do you have to market your business? Let’s find out!


Why Social Media Shouldn’t Be Your Only Source of Marketing?


1. Social Media Is Essentially Just a Social Platform

Yes, social media indeed helps you in getting an insight into what your audience is looking for, but the fact remains that its primary purpose is for people to mingle and socialize with each other from the comfort of their homes rather than conduct business.


2.The Content You Post on social media Is Not Copyright Protected

Unlike your own website, the content or visuals you post on social media platforms are not protected. This means that anyone can use it without your knowledge or permission, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.


3.Social Media Cannot Guarantee Your Visibility

Most businesses pay for their pages or content to be visible to their target audience. What if you’re a startup and cannot afford to spend? How will you promote your business then? And even if you post regularly, is there any guarantee that your content will be visible? There isn’t! But that’s not the case with other marketing alternatives that we have discussed further in the article.


4.There’s No Ecommerce Support

If you run an eCommerce business, social media might help you get leads, but it is not designed to support it as a website does. For instance, if a customer wants to purchase something from your page, they will have to wait for a response from you, while the same process is automated on a website. You can literally make money while you sleep with a website!


5.Social Media Offers a Lower ROI Year on Year

Although 77% of marketers use at least one social media platform to promote their business, they aren’t generating much ROI from it. The reason being that it’s a rat race out there! With multitudes of businesses, big and small, it gets quite challenging to stand out. Instead of spending all your time and money to make a difference on just social media, it would be wise to make use of other options, too, like email marketing, referrals, etc.


6.Social Media Is Not the Only Place Where Your Audience Is Present

While we can find most of the world’s population on social media platforms, especially the youth, there are other platforms also used by people specifically for online shopping. This includes eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay, different apps, and even search engines.

So, if you’re looking for long-term business growth and want to maximize your online revenue, it’s time to shift your focus towards other means of marketing.

But what are the other means of marketing? To make it easy for you, we have listed some social media marketing alternatives below:


Alternatives to Social Media Marketing

Relying solely on social media for your company’s marketing is risky as the rules can change any day. Therefore, it’s better to stay on the safer side by diversifying your marketing tactics and reaching consumers through various channels.

Following, we have mentioned some alternatives to social media to get to customers on a broader level.

  • Company Website – One of the best and most credible ways to promote your business other than social media is to create a website for it. When you own a website, you can easily customize it according to your liking and carry out different techniques to drive traffic to it. A well-designed SEO-optimized website that provides a good user experience effectively strengthens your online presence than a social media profile.

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  • Digital Advertising – Another alternative to social media is digital advertising. Using options like Google AdWords and PPC marketing can help you increase your CTC and conversion rate. When talking about digital advertising, we cannot ignore the importance of display ads, boosting your brand’s awareness at a relatively low cost.

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  • Email Marketing Programs – If you want to keep regular and more direct contact with your customers, email marketing is the way to go. Not only can you use emails to inform the customers about the latest happenings, but you can also offer deals and discounts to the receivers for forwarding the emails to others. If your email marketing program is run effectively, it can leave social media behind when it comes to reaching potential customers organically.

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  • Content Marketing  –Did you know that more than 409 million users read more than 20 billion pages of blog posts on WordPress? This goes to show that people still love to read and write blogs! Not just blogs, but informative and high-quality content in any form, whether videos or infographics, can make your brand more discoverable and make the audience interact with your products.

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  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals –Asking people to bring more customers in return for some discounts or BOGO offers is one of the sure-shot ways to market your brand. In addition to this, you can also opt for affiliate marketing to make your business grow. These techniques work relatively faster than social media marketing.

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Summing Up

So, you see, social media is not the end of the world! Undoubtedly, it has enormous potential to increase sales and brand awareness, but if you want to substantiate your business, you need to opt for more creative ways to reach your audience.

However, there’s one problem when it comes to marketing on multiple channels – How to handle everything efficiently? Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone took care of all your digital marketing needs?

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