“Timing” is an important element of contextual marketing. It is important to serve your consumers the right content in the right timing. A company must clearly define consumer’s ethic group, making them feeling that the product is custom-made for them. 

Besides consuming goods, consumers would also like to express and covey certain meaning and information. They would want to reveal their status, identity, personality and taste. When a salesperson uses contextual marketing, they have to focus on the core appeal of the consumer and shape a beautiful expression to satisfy the consumer’s requirements to the greatest extent.

Before entering a store, consumers do already have collected information, brands survey, after-sales service experience etc. A salesperson need to stimulate the imagination of the consumer’s inner world step by step and encourage customer’s desire to purchase. Therefore, to fully understand consumer’s situation and thinking determines whether contextual marketing can be successful. 

The advantage of contextual marketing can enhance consumer’s demand for goods. This allows them to focus on a certain product, generate relevant imagination and be attracted by this experience.

During these modern times, people are tech-savvy and receive tonnes of information every day. Brands must be able to think out-of-the-box to attract netizens to discuss, and form word of mouth diffusion. Contextual marketing makes people feel that they are in a virtual and realistic situation. Consumers will be curious and willing to take initiative to participate while also happy to share information with their friends and family. This shows that people are already receiving the message and promoting the brand without realizing it. 


Key point when using Contextual Marketing


Different occasions will have different effects – During the process of sales, the detail of the selecting good or suitable occasions are important. For example, some consumers would prefer to communicate comfortably in an occasion comparing to a spontaneous approach.


When a consumer is occupied or is found in a bad mood, it is best to avoid it in time. It is easier to communicate to people when they are relaxed and easily reach a consensus.


It is difficult for a stranger to be understood by others, but an acquaintance is easy to approach. When a relationship is good, it is easier to communicate. Whether it is introduced by an acquaintance or communicating with a new consumer, it is beneficial for both to come to a common understanding.

Contextual marketing is a powerful tool if you know how to understand and appeal to audience’s expectations. Define your target consumer and grasp their needs and it will lead to a successful contextual marketing.

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