The ecommerce revolution continues to expand at blinding speeds which means this is the perfect time for you to establish an online store for your business. If you are still racking your brains, and have had little luck trying to grow your online business in the first year, here are eight things you need to start doing now:

1. Target Your Online Audience – Be Selective

You need to have an accessible online presence to see your revenues and reputation grow – target audiences that are most likely to notice you. Plan your marketing strategies around audiences who will benefit the most from your products and services.

2. High-speed, High-quality Content

Site visitors will only return to your eCommerce platform when they see high-quality content that’s relevant, engaging and quickly accessible.You content needs to illicit an urgent response – offer industry and product-specific education to your visitors, not to mention your mission statement, policies and services. Use a consistent style and tone to highlight these elements. In addition to UI/UX design and SEO optimisation, use VPS hosting to maximise site speed.

3. Personalise Your Content

Understand your users’ personal preferences. Websites for major companies like Apple have built-in apps to identify user signature and track online movements. You too can better identify customer behavioural patterns by investing in a CRM solution to provide highly personalised content.

4. Be Responsive

There is hardly any online consumer today who does not do their shopping through a mobile device. Make your eCommerce website design as responsive and mobile friendly as possible, so that pages display correctly and load quickly on each mobile device.

5. Incorporate Sales Channels

No matter what method of shopping or interaction channels your consumers choose, they should experience your brand in a consistent way. All your policies, company information, promotions, services, products etc. should be available offline as well.

6. Scalability – Keep it a High Priority from Day One

This is integral to business growth. You can rely on UPS to manage relatively large and complex transactions. As you continue to grow, third-party logistics will become more cost-effective as you will need a reliable provider to handle exchanges and returns. Infrastructure, security and speed are important foundations of not just SEO but also online logistics. When you pay close attention to these, you will improve traffic, leads, visibility, sales and brand credibility. After all, to facilitate online logistics, you need to speed up your website.

7. Forget the “Middlemen”

You can reach consumers quickly and easily through a well-designed eCommerce website. Manufacturers are also now more ready to work directly with small-medium businesses because they understand that smaller, less known brands have the tendency to bring innovative products to the online market.

8. Online-only Items

It is certainly important to continue selling products through all available channels; however, you should consider selling specific products online only. This will make your eCommerce brand exclusive since consumers will only be able to get it online. By offering some products online only, you can maintain greater control over profit margins.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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