Amazon started out with humble beginnings as a book seller. In just a month, it had shipped books to more than 40 countries. The internet generation today may not be able to fully fathom the impact this had had at the time, and today, Amazon continues to grow as one of the largest online companies ever.
Here are 4 common reasons why Amazon continues to “kill it”:

1. Top-notch Management Bordering on the Edge of Crazy

CEO Jeff Bezos is not your everyday boss. He has been described as a crazy go-getter, who can often be chaotic or frenzied. He encourages employees to let out primal screams in order to boost productivity and motivation.Simply put, Bezos is not afraid to take risks and knows what works.

2. Innovation through Diversity and Connection

Amazon has a penchant for innovation and diversification – they started with just books but Bezos wanted Amazon to be the “go-to everyday store”. And that’s exactly what happened.
When Kindle was introduced, it failed to keep up with other e-readers, but became really popular really fast. Then there’s Amazon Locker – a secure locker service specifically for Londoners, Seattleites and New Yorkers – ideal for those who do not wish to have packages shipped to their workplace or have issues getting to the post office in time.Amazon Flow is an app that lets you take photos of items you want to buy and have them automatically posted to your Amazon shopping list. Amazon loves staying connected with their customers and that’s awesome!

3. Unforgettable Customer Service

Amazon has rarely managed not to land high on customer satisfaction lists. Bezos feels that customers are people that need special treatment ALL the time. He is of the idea that companies need to first focus on its customers, and then its competitors.In an interview on Wired magazine, Bezos enthusiastically stressed on the importance of ‘word of mouth’ – in the real world an irate or dissatisfied customer might tell maybe 6 to 10 people, but in the online space, this could easily mount to around 6000 or more.Amazon has spared no expense when it comes to ease-of-use and convenience for their customers. Their customer service strategy revolves around having products available practically anywhere on the internet – in addition, there are online clothing stores, music stores, bookstores, even a full-on online grocery store, you name it!

4. Seamless Order Execution

Amazon knows a thing or two when it comes to order execution. They also have a penchant for offering products and services that people have a genuine need for.They have built distribution centres globally to ship products quickly and reliably. They have superb vendor relationships which lets them offer reasonably good discounts to customers.The online retailer giant is planning to expand across Europe, employing thousands, and also has plans to implement physical retail shops eventually, which will boast same-day-delivery.No matter how you look at it, Amazon has proved every critic wrong. The “little online bookstore” is an industry ecommerce tour de force to reckon with.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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