Actively and constantly posting content on your Facebook page is a great strategy to keep your followers engaged. However, posting new posts constantly can be draining. This is why Facebook allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. This feature is only available for business in public accounts, so you cannot schedule Facebook posts on your personal account.

This article will teach you how to schedule posts on Facebook. So, let’s begin!

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Why Schedule Posts on Facebook?

Facebook has evolved over the years – introducing new layouts, new algorithms, and new features each time. These updates make Facebook more intuitive and relevant to more than 2.74 billion users around the globe. Facebook allows businesses, communities, and groups to schedule their posts to manage their content calendar efficiently.

Here are a few reasons why you should schedule posts on Facebook (if you have a public profile):

  • Enables your brand to post content more frequently and consistently
  • Saves you valuable time as you don’t have to create individual posts again and again
  • Allows you to avoid any gaps between posts and maintain your content calendar
  • A regular stream of content allows you to engage with more people
  • Increases your social media presence and spreads brand awareness


Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Posts are the content you are going to share on your Facebook page that others can view in their feed. Scheduling these posts can help you manage the flow of content on your page. Plus, it allows you to plan the content for your future posts ahead of time. You can schedule posts for important days/events.

Here is a step-by-step guide to schedule posts on Facebook for your group, community, or business page.

Method 1: Built-in Facebook Feature

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Step 1 – Open Facebook

Open Facebook and go to your group/community/business page.

Step 2 – Go to Publishing Tools

Click on Publishing Tools on the left column and go to the blue Create Post option. Click this button. Now add the relevant details and create your post.

Step 3 – Create Schedule

Click on Publish dropdown arrow and select the Schedule Post option. Here you can select the date and time to publish the post. Finally, click on the Schedule option at the bottom right.


Method 2: Using A Third-Party App

You can also use a third-party scheduler and publisher tool. These tools allow you to manage social media content across multiple platforms. Thus, you can schedule posts on different social media platforms using a single tool. Some popular third-party post schedulers include Buffer, Falcon, Loomly, and Sendible.


Effective Tips for Scheduling Facebook Posts

Follow these simple tips to schedule posts on Facebook more efficiently.

1. Speak Your Brand

Facebook posts take off the pressure of posting again and again. So, this gives you a lot more time and freedom to create relevant and engaging content for your audience. scheduling multiple sources at the same time will allow you to create coherence. Make sure the posts are well aligned with your campaigns and overall brand strategies.

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2. Choose The Date and Time of Publication Carefully

Which is better: posting when no one is online or at a time when most of your followers can view your post. Of course, the latter because as more people are online there are more chances of your post being viewed as and when published. When your audience is the most active, you have a greater opportunity to generate engagement

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3. Know When to Pause Your Facebook Posts

Facebook also gives you the option to pause a scheduled post if it is no longer relevant to the casual date and time. If you have a special post for an upcoming event and that event gets postponed, you can pause this scheduled post. This makes sure that all your posts remain relevant and sensitive to current events and crises. So, regularly check and update your casual post to make sure they are on track with the upcoming event. You can also delete a scheduled post all together before publishing.

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4. Remember You Can’t Schedule Everything

You cannot control your every move, and so they are often when unexpected things happen. You have to post about these unforeseen things in real-time. These are the kinds of posts you cannot schedule beforehand. On Facebook, you cannot schedule things like Facebook events, check-ins, and photo albums.

5. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience

Just because you have the option to schedule multiple posts, that does not mean you should overwhelm your audience. create a balance – most frequently and consistently but don’t overdo it. The optimal number of course usage per week or month depends upon your audience and your business. Some businesses have to post at least 10 posts a day, while others can even get great results by posting once or twice a day.

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6. Track And Monitor Analytics and Engagement

Scheduling your Facebook post is not based on a guess. What date and time suit you best can be determined by using your Facebook data. Monitor and track your Analytics and engagement to determine When your audience is the most active. This data will also show you which of your posts performed the best and where you need to improve.


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Sharing posts on Facebook and other social media platforms improves your engagement, increases traffic, and spread brand awareness. To post consistently, schedule posts on Facebook.


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